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Project Description
BizTalk Management Tool Pack aims to automate and simplify common maintenance tasks for Biztalk developers and administrators. Tool can significantly help migrations and upgrades. It is being developed using C#. Current bits aim to work with BizTalk 2006 R2.


BizTalk Management Tool Pack Features Guide

“Connection string” input box can be used to specify the Biztalk database that the BMTP will connect to.

Status Manager:
This section contains the tools for querying, importing and exporting settings information for RECEIVE,SEND ports and ORCHESTRATIONS selectively.

Status of the ports are written out to a text file.

Text box under the label “Errors” contains the logging information and error messages that occur during the process. While importing the port status, BMTP expects to have the artifacts in place-already deployed on the servers. The tool just enables or disables the artifacts it does not create them.

Connectivity Analysis
Have you ever wanted to search and find a port, see the connectivity of artifacts deployed, which port is connected to which orchestration, are they on or off ?
Has something gone wrong ?

This module aims to answer these questions.
First action to take is to press “Run Analysis” button so that the module connects to the Biztalk Database to perform the connectivity analysis. All artifacts are added to the tree view control with color codes and icons.

Left most nodes start with the address (URI), every node contains children nodes that points to the connected artifacts. Address connects to a location, a location connects to a port, port either binds to an orchestration or connects with a filter.

Following figure demonstrates the meaning of the icons on the tree view.


Please note that some loosely coupled connectivity information may not be captured.

While some information can be captured more than once if there is connectivity between addresses.

Tool tries to alert If there is a cyclic reference between flow paths, which means that if a send location is being listened by a receive port it is marked with gray background.

Disabled artifacts are marked with red to indicate that flow paths are blocked.

One can search items and the relevant nodes are marked with yellow.

Password Manager:
If you have many ports to specify passwords for you can prepare an XML file to load all password files at once to the newly setup Biztalk servers.


Property Manager
Similarly property manager has been developed to turn on/off the “RenameReceivedFiles” option for FILE based receive locations. Polling interval for the location can also be set using this tool as well.


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